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Hi! My name is Palak. I’m an actuary by profession who absolutely loves playing squash, sipping coffee and travelling. My journey with food started from a very young age where I was able to identify distinct spices and herbs which was uncanny but certainly gave me an edge. I was always fascinated to try out different cuisines, play with flavors and clicking pictures with all angles possible!

My actual journey for food photography started in 2019 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was instructed to consume a protein centric diet which seemed to be an impossible task for a vegetarian like me! Bewildered as I was, I started generating my own recipes and kept posting them on my social media handle. Within a small time span, people started resonating with my ideas.

My work gives immense peace to my soul and I think that’s what matters the most! Thus, the change from numbers to creative was quite sudden but truly satisfying and pleasing.

Through my blog, you will find approachable comfort food recipes made with modern twists and tricks, guides related to health and fitness, product/food photography ideas and so much more. From day-to-day recipes to staples and sweet treats, there’s surely something here for everyone!

At last, I would say that this blog is always expanding, growing, and ever changing. It will be a place where we all can connect, be inspired, and enjoy our shared passions for food, photography and fitness.

Thank you for joining me in my joy!
Clients include:

The Little Farm | Tulua | Wellcurve | Chaman Spices and more.


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