How to Become a Morning Person

Genius Tips for Waking Up Early

The sun rises up, morning comes, the alarm goes off, and it’s finally the time to start off another day. For some, it’s an exciting start but what if someone isn’t an early riser? So, if you’re the one who always plan to get up early in the morning but fail each time and are tired of hitting the snooze button back to back, then here’s a simple beginners guide that is easily applicable. Primarily, the way you spend your morning influences how you spend the rest of your day. Every day, we are given a new assignment of life to complete. We can start a new journey or resume from where we left off the day before. To begin with, we would say that it all starts by determining and figuring out the reasons behind this and focus on baby steps as listed down below:

Set up a sleep plan

While setting up the plan, primarily focus on sleeping early to achieve and inculcate a minimum 7-8 hours of sound sleep. Setting your alarm earlier does not automatically imply that you will get up sooner. If you’re repeatedly pushing “snooze” button until the normal wake-up hour; it clearly indicates that your body requires some more rest and hence, you need to plan your schedule accordingly. Fixing your sleep plan is not a single day task but it takes a lot of effort, discipline, consistency and time. Instead of scheduling your alarm to an unrealistic time, set your alarm 5 minutes earlier every other day until you’ve attained your objective. These small accomplishments will motivate you every day and won’t even feel like a load.

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Snooze it right!

Yes, that’s correct! You know yourself way better than anybody else, and if it takes you 5 minutes to get up or 30 minutes once your alarm goes off, you must set it before your actual get up time so you may snooze and mentally prepare yourself to get up in that time slot. Also, we all love to snoozes so we won’t say to cut them down but keep your snoozes for a shorter duration.

Keep your phone away from the bed

Despite the fact that it is advised by doctors to keep your phone at least three feet away from your bed to decrease your exposure to radio frequency radiations and protect your body from being exposed to radiation; this is one of the smartest self-tested wake up trick. In today’s time, whether it’s for leisure or work, we all are addicted to our phones which forces us to get up from our blankets to hold our phones because snoozing while being in your cozy blankets and physically getting up are two different things! Also, the blue light generated by your phone screen suppresses the generation of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm). This makes falling asleep and waking up the next day much more difficult.

Don’t skip the weekend

We all try to practice and fix your sleeping patterns but the biggest lacking from our end is to not follow the same on the weekends. We mostly miss out our schedules on weekends which we followed for past 5 days which ultimately affects our circadian cycle. It not only leads to sleep disruption, grogginess and crankiness, but, in some cases worse, depression. It is even advised by the top most experts that consistency is the ideal method for healthful sleep. Sleeping more for those two days a week may look like a more comfortable and better option but maintaining the same pattern for the entire week is way better for a longer run.

Always remember that it’s never too late to form a new habit. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these above listed points which are tried and tested. Practice them religiously with sheer determination, consistency and discipline for a couple of days. Let us know if it could bring a change. Also, for more such health related blogs click here

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