Top 5 Tips For Food Photography Props

Are you new to photography? Confused with ideal prop selection? Looking out for props for photoshoot at home? Keep reading as we got you sorted out with all these queries with our self-tested tips and tricks.

In photography, props have the capacity to either make a picture exceptionally bewitching or might destroy the photo adversely, and because of this reason there are so many people are afraid to use them, and the remaining other people absolutely love to use them.

Personally, I have been at both of these stages and I think that props are a perfect medium via which one can translate abstract messages and make them speak volumes. It simply empowers the pictures, sets up the entire mood and aesthetic, and adds an exciting element through which one can reflect their own personality too.

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So, out of all my past experience I would love to summarize it into 5 basic tips related to props for photography which I feel as extremely necessary or anyone or everyone who does photography as a passion or profession:



For beginners, I would suggest to always invest in easy to use and low cost items such as wallpapers or boards with neutral textures/shades. Through this, the product will always be enhanced and remains in focus. The overall theme also remains intact. The neutral tones are safe to use when you are at a beginner level but as the time passes by and you find your own niche then you can certainly experiment with the bolder shades too.



In the beginning it gets tough to regulate and control the reflection which comes from shining metals as the light get bounced back when we use them in the frame. So, Invest in matte finish metals/ objects/ boards. Not only they restrict the reflection while capturing but results in more muted colors, provides soft velvety texture and simply gives a vibe of its own. Also, as per my experience I can simply vouch on the fact that “Minimalism is the new extravaganza”.



Always remember that props are used only to enhance the picture and set up the mood. They are used for adding into the scene but are never the main subject of the frame. The true essence of the picture should never be lost or remain confused. Let the viewer grasp the photo’s message and the significance of the props.



One pro tip I give to everyone while they choose their props is that before buying new ones; always recycle those which are already available in your house. We all have old metallic vintage looking pieces dumped somewhere in our store rooms. So, must look out for them and try transforming them in an unconventional way. Also, try visiting the nearby flea markets and shops for unique and weird pieces available at throw away prices.



There’s nothing more attractive to the eyes than handmade DIY creations (using contrasting colors of chart papers in asymmetrical shapes/ using newspapers/ using stoles and scarves/ using plants and flowers/ painting old diyas). These will be the addition to anyone’s photography prop list. One might buy boards and articles worth of thousands but the charm and fascination of a self-created one is always incomparable. They won’t only be unique but expands your horizons to think out of the box!


Thus, I would say Photography is one such profession which does require investment in tools and equipment like cameras and stands but prop selection is one such task where the photographer can explore and play with. So, never be afraid to use it but use it wisely and creatively.

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