Kheer is an Indian traditional dessert made with either rice or vermicelli. But I love experimenting and adding twist to regular dishes. Like this Mango Kesar Kheer. It’s refreshing, fruity, free from refined sugar and so delicious (trust me on that!)

The kheer is sweetened with Desi Khand which is less sweet than sugar and is also rich in nutrients like calcium, minerals, vitamins, and magnesium. This recipe is perfect for summer, and if you are a mango lover then I am sure you will love it!

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Ingredients: -

¼ cup of Broken Basmati Rice (Tukda Rice)

½ cup of Sugar                                                                                                  

10-12 Cashews and pistachios chopped -                  

1-liter Full Cream Milk                                                

5-6 Saffron / Kesar                                         

10-12 Almonds and Pistachio                                     

1 bowl of Mango Puree

Total time

Prep time

Cook time

Recipe servings

1 hour

30 min

30 mins



  • Wash the broken rice and soak it in water for 30 mins and then drain.
  • Take a pan and boil the milk over medium heat while stirring occasionally.
  • After the milk has reached boiling points, add the  rice and mix well. Keep stirring on low flame until the milk get slightly thick
  • In between this process, take 1 tbsp of warm water in a small bowl and add saffron. Mix it well and keep it aside. Meanwhile, chop pistachios and almonds
  • Add saffron mixture and desi khand.  Cook for about 6 - 7 minutes, stirring occasionally till the rice softens and milk becomes thicker.
  • Let the kheer cool down in room temperature. Then add chopped nuts and mix again.
  • Keep the dessert in a refrigerator for 20 mins. After which the magic happens!
  • Prepare a serving of mango puree by peeling and blending them. You can add some milk powder to make the puree slightly thicker.
  • Add the puree to your kheer and mix well. Let the rice absorb the milk and attain a thicker consistency, Serve cold with a garnish of pistachios and kesar.
  • Enjoy the compliments you receive for this delicious vegan delicacy.

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