Food & Product Photography

Global Platter is a renowned digital platform known for its imitable food photography and styling. It is based in Delhi but works with clients from all over the world. It engages and deals with different brands and companies for food photography and videography related projects which not only help them with a better representation and overall growth but also tries to capture the customer’s attention. The use of its unique style and perspective is exceptional. It aims to share its photographic expertise through this website content and other social platforms available to a wider audience present all over the world. The attention to detailing clearly reflects its extensive knowledge which is quite evident in the work. Also, along with the food photography, styling and videography; it masters in recipe generation, content writing and social media management which definitely adds a plus and makes it one of a kind. Thus, by not being restricted to photography work only; it helps food startups and young Indian brands with ideation, SEO work, marketing strategies and brand management which helps them to grow multiple folds.

Trusted Clients